Headwaters Park

Park Name: Headwaters Park

ADA Accessible: Compacted gravel area, “new” wetland observation deck

What To See: Pavilion with wood stove, outdoor classroom, bridges, benches, stairs, wild life, Tree Identification Trail, Geocaching, Quest, Compass Course, Community Gardens, Natural Play Area

Address: 1927 Wager Rd.

Location: 1/2 mile east on Wager Road from Rt 8

What To Do: hike, dog walk, play in the Natural Play area, picnic, observe wildlife

Description Of Terrain: natural- compacted soil, grass, mulch, compacted gravel.

NEW: Wetland Trail: 1/3 mile ADA accessible trail on Boardwalk and compacted aggregate overlooking beautiful wetland area.

Located near I-90 and Route 8 is a unique area creating the headwaters of Mill Creek. 35 acres adjacent to the Thomas E. Bundy Industrial Park was donated by Erie County for the creation of our conservation park.

Old logging and farming uses have left permanent scars within the Park. Nearly fifty years later the logging roads and skid trails are still visible. Poor cultivation techniques have created harmful runoff patterns. A natural gas pipeline runs through the Park. Runoff from Wager Road and adjacent parking lots discharge stormwater to the valley slopes.

Fortunately, this parcel of nature is naturally covered with mature hardwoods, native grasses, a broad range of successional plants, wetlands and, of course, Mill Creek. It is the perfect place for a first-rate conservation facility. A wide variety of stormwater management techniques have been implemented with signage to offer information to the public regarding ways to handle runoff and stormwater, along with other conservation demonstrations.

The 10,000 square foot Natural Resource Center affords year-round educational opportunities for the improvement of Erie County. Students, teachers, engineers, builders and developers all benefit from the progressive demonstrations, research and clearinghouse for environmental issues and concerns for the Lake Erie Basin.

Headwaters Park is also the home of the Erie County Conservation District, which as a part of its mission, has a responsibility for conservation education as well as a commitment to conserving Commonwealth resources. Headwaters Park and Headwaters Natural Resource Center provide excellent opportunities for both student and professional conservation programs.


Number Of Trails: 8

Trail 1 (882 yds)
Water’s Edge Trail (350 yds)
Wildflower trail (275 yds)
Overlook Trail (310 yds)
Deer Trail (340 yds)
Mill trail (280 yds)
Short path (50 yds)
Quest Trail (550 yds)
New Trail (528 yds)