Highmeyer Trail

Highmeyer Trails

Park Name: Highmeyer Park

ADA Accessible: Not at this time.

Address: 616 Highmeyer Road in Harborcreek, PA

What to see: wildlife, forest, natural flora and fauna

What to do:

The park consists of approximately 240 wooded acres for passive recreation. There are currently no facilities. There are two trails to explore: the Perimeter Trail and the Inner Loop.  Permitted activities include hiking, walking, mountain biking, dog walking (using a leash) and hunting during the regulated season. Motorized vehicles are not permitted.

Description of Terrain:

The Perimeter Trail terrain is natural, there are small inclines, muddy areas and grassy fields.

The Inner Loop is flat with natural terrain. The township is currently working on laying mulch and crushed gravel on the path.


Number Of Trails: 2

Inner Loop: 0.83 miles
Perimeter Trail: 2.09 miles

Maintained by Harborcreek Township.
Small paved parking lot on-site.